September Happenings

Jeanne Ciravolo
No Rose Without a Thorn

Upstairs Lounge

In Jeanne Ciravolo’s mixed media paintings, collage is used as a formative structure. The layers of collage function both as a reference to the body, and the formal language of painting. They are membranes — skins, that accrue, to construct or obscure form, or are ripped away leaving traces of their presence. As formal elements they contain completed brushstrokes, single or grouped, a visual syntax that can be located, relocated, then fused to the surface. The gestures of collage relate to a female act of repair (patching) and craft (decoupage). Kitchen towels interest Ciravolo as objects that allude to repetitive domestic tasks and provide a location for fragments of narrative. They present their history of use as evidenced by stains, tears, and bleach marks, which inform her acts of alteration. As peculiar and altered objects they are relics, held up and presented, for others to see as evidence. They invoke shame, illness, repair over-heated emotions, failure, and the possibility of redemption through the sharing of stories.

Jeanne Ciravolo,  Possession II , Acrylic and collage on paper, 2018, 18” x 17”

Jeanne Ciravolo, Possession II, Acrylic and collage on paper, 2018, 18” x 17”



New Haven Paint & Clay Club
Selected Members

Galleries 1 – 8

Anne Doris-Eisner, Diane Brown, Michael Quirk, Nancy Lasar, & Oi Fortin

The New Haven Paint & Clay Club will be hosting a juried exhibition of five of their selected members for the duration of September. “The New Haven Paint & Clay Club, one of the oldest continuously active arts organizations in the country, holds a long history of promoting the visual arts throughout New Haven and beyond. Through its sustained support of the visual arts and artists for over a century, the NHPCC has become a well-known and respected asset for the community as a whole.” NHPCC has been a major asset to the New Haven art community since its conception in 1900, and ECOCA is thrilled to host the club for this annual exhibition.


Rashmi Talpade,  Photocollage , 2019

Rashmi Talpade, Photocollage, 2019

Postcards 5 x 7

New Haven Paint & Clay Club Fundraiser

September 26

The board members of the New Haven Paint & Clay Club (NHPCC) and the Ely Center of Contemporary Art (ECOCA) are thrilled to co-sponsor a Postcard Art Show and Sale on Thursday, September 26, 2019 in conjunction with the upcoming NHPCC Selected Members exhibit. All pieces in the sale will be 5x7 and donated by interested artists, flat-priced at $20. These pieces will be collected and then placed on view up to the date of the sale on Thursday, September 26, 6 – 9 pm.

For more information on Postcards 5 x 7, click HERE.