#Unload: Pick Up the Pieces


October 11 – November 11
Opening Thursday, October 11, 5-8 pm

#Unload: Pick Up the Pieces, an unjuried, inclusive, community-driven exhibition at Ely Center of Contemporary Art, explores issues surrounding gun control laws and the impact of guns on society. The exhibition aims to raise questions regarding violence, safety, gender, equality, and the influence of media on violence and mental health stigmas.

Artists from diverse backgrounds and working across media have created material-driven and conceptually-charged works either from decommissioned gun parts from a Hartford buy-back program or works inspired by the theme. The artworks reflect our culture’s divided attitudes towards gun control, gun safety, gun reform, the constitutional right to bear arms, as well as recent events relating to gun use, ownership, safety, and violence.

The exhibition is a highlight of Artspace’s 21st annual City-Wide Open Studios festival and runs October 11 to November 11 complemented by artist talks, panel discussions, presentations by political candidates and other community notables and a voters registration table leading up to November 6 mid-term elections.

Two receptions are free and open to the public. The opening reception is Thursday, October 11 from 5–8 pm and the closing reception is Sunday, November 11, 1–3 pm.

A collaboration with Artspace and Unload Foundation


Detail of Picking Up the Pieces 2018 by Helen Klisser During

Important Dates and Times

  • Opening Party : Thursday, Oct. 11, 5–8 pm

  • Closing Reception : Nov. 11, 1–3 pm

  • Artwork Pick-ups : Nov. 11, 3–5 pm qnd Nov. 12, 12–4 pm

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#Unload Events

Ely Center of Contemporary Art @ John Slade Ely House Galleries

51 Trumbull Street, New Haven, CT 06510


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