Nasty Women Film Festival

Nasty Women New Haven (NWNH) invites all New England film makers, experienced or novice, to participate in the Nasty Women Film Event. The power of art to illuminate issues and build community has been demonstrated throughout the ages, most recently through the Nasty Women Art Installation, and we plan to do it again! Through our next event NWNH aim to unite and give voice to all members of society, and to raise awareness of issues affecting women, immigrants, and, those who have been marginalized under the current administration. This film exhibition will provide a forum for communication about these critical challenges through the medium of moving image. Film-making is a critical agent of social change, and the NWNH Film Event offers an opportunity for artists of all ages to share their voice, art, and, stories in an open and inclusive forum.

This year NWNH is teaming up with Artspace's City-Wide Open Studios which is based on the theme of 'Fact vs Fiction'. Along similar lines, the Nasty Women Film Event encourages all film submissions to represent real stories and experiences based on the themes of women and LGBTQ issues, racism, and immigration and refugee issues.

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