CRUSH  monotype

CRUSH monotype

About the Artist

Martha Lewis is a visual artist, curator, educator and radio presenter who has exhibited nationally and internationally. Her practice focuses on drawing, books, knowledge, and the history of science.

Martha’s work has been exhibited at The Museum of Modern Art, OxfordThe Tricycle Gallery and The Oxford University Botanical Gardens in the UK., and in the USA at The DeCordova MuseumCentral Booking GalleryGeoffrey Young GalleryPlanthouse GalleryRealArtWays and The Tides Institute and Museum, to name a few. 

 She is included in the collections of Nuffield College, Oxford, The Boston Public Library, Boston, Ma., and Chapman University, Orange, Ca. where her work is on permanent display in the library, as well as in private collections in the U.S.A and Europe. A selection of her works on paper is available at  The Flatfile at Pierogi, and at Planthouse Gallery in New York.

 In addition to her studio practice, she currently hosts a radio show–Live Culture-now in its third year, on WPKN FM, which features discussions about contemporary art. These are listenable as podcasts here

 Martha is presently resident curator at The Institute Library in New Haven, where she organizes contemporary art exhibitions relating to words, books, archives or collections. She has organized 10 group shows to date.

Martha Lewis

‘Branes: this series of three-dimensional drawings are based on ideas from two branches of science:
On a minute scale, they reference the study of crumpled paper as a part of Topology, the mathematical branch concerns the properties that are preserved through deformations, twistings, and stretchings of objects.

Telescoping over to the vast: the term ‘Branes refers to membranes in String Theory, an idea in physics which posits that our universe is one in a multiverse: part of a ‘bulk’ of ‘Branes. M-Theory attempts to explain how the 4 forces (gravity, electromagnetism, strong and weak forces) in the universe might be unified. It also suggests what we used to call the Big Bang is the result of two flat ‘Branes colliding, crumpling and producing all matter and constants we see around us. There is implied movement and force along with the aspect of the discarded, the frustrated, the left behind, the abandoned idea…. A crumple is the visual residue of a climactic event.

‘Brane (Small/Red/Yellow/Blue)

‘Brane (Small/Red/Yellow/Blue)