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Letter of Agreement / Release of Liability for Shipping Artwork

  • All shipped artwork must arrive ready to hang/be installed as is. We cannot provide pedestals, museum wax, magnets, etc.

  • All shipped artwork must arrive no later than March 1, 2019.

  • All shipped artwork must be labeled on the back of the artwork with artist’s name, email address and phone number, title of artwork and artwork date.

  • Shipment of artwork will be coordinated with the Ely Center of Contemporary Art by emailing Sophy Johnston at sjohnston@elycenter.org prior to shipment. Any artwork received without prior coordination will not be accepted or stored on Ely Center premises and will be disposed of as deemed appropriate by the Ely Center of Contemporary Art.

  • The artist agrees they they will pick up their work in person during one of the below dates/times. The artist also agrees that their work will not be shipped back to them and their work will be discarded if the work is not picked up during the dates/times below.

    • Wednesday, April 10, 7–8 pm

    • Sunday, April 14, 1–3 pm

  • The artist is solely and entirely responsible for the work in transit for delivery to the Ely Center.

No shipped artwork will be considered for display without this signed form.

I have read this Letter of Agreement and Release of Liability and agree to the terms outlined here.

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