Letter of Agreement

March 3, 2019

Installation: September 1–7 (see gallery hours)
Exhibition Dates: September 8–29, 2019
Opening Reception Date: Sunday, September 8 from 1–3 pm
De-installation: Sunday, September 29, 1–4 pm and Monday, September 30, 5–8 pm
Gallery Hours: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 5–8 pm and Saturday & Sunday 1­–4 pm
Contribution: $3,150 (see CONTRIBUTION button)
Planned Programming: Please provide a list of possible programmatic initiatives with contact information to facilitate scheduling and to allow for advance coordination of dates, times, promotion, and other event requirements.


Ely Center of Contemporary Art
51 Trumbull Street, New Haven CT 06510

Dear Greg,

The Ely Center of Contemporary Art (ECOCA) is delighted that your organization will be installing the New Haven Paint & Clay Club Exhibition that will run from September 8 to 30, 2019 with a public reception on Sunday, September 8, 2019 from 1–3 pm. This letter, based on our conversations, will serve as our agreement. This is a license arrangement and you are referred to as the “Exhibitor / Curator” in this letter. 

The exhibitor / curator must fill out, sign and submit the ECOCA Release of Liability Form during installation before the exhibition opens. The rooms available for your exhibition include the marked GALLERY MAP spaces on the attached pdf of the Downstairs (Gallery 1, 2, 3, 4, Hallway, and Foyer with unencumbered access area for the exits, fire extinguisher, and alarm) and Upstairs (Gallery 5, 6, 7, Landing, and wall-only Hallway) schematics. The small downstairs office area, study room, kitchen, upstairs lounge, Gallery 8, and the front and backyard are not part of your Exhibition Gallery spaces. Programming may take place in the backyard space only with permission from ECOCA. Please note: The first-floor office, B&P drawing studio, third floor; and basement are non-negotiable.

Curator responsibilities:

  • Sign the Release of Liability Form (URL link) provided by ECOCA to all participating artists and require artists to submit the form during installation before the opening of the show.

  • Concept exhibit and invite artists to participate.

  • Hang exhibition in gallery spaces according to this agreement (assistance from ECOCA as needed).

  • Get permission from ECOCA before doing anything invasive to the walls or ceiling. Drilling holes or any invasive treatment to the woodwork is non-negotiable.

  • Provide ECOCA with press release information, a minimum of 3–5 high resolution images in a timely fashion to be used for website, social media promotion, and email blasts.

  • Provide graphics for email invitation and programming eblasts and a list of exhibiting artworks with references to the gallery map, for distribution to the public.

  • Provide approximately 250 invitations to ECOCA for distribution.

  • Coordinate auxiliary programming (times, dates, and specific requirements) with ECOCA staff.

  • Provide food, setups, and additional refreshments at public receptions as needed.

  • De-install exhibition on dates and times agreed upon.

  • Leave the space as you found it.

  • Any artwork left on the premises will be charged $5 per day fee for storage if not in B&P studio.

ECOCA responsibilities:

  • Maintain regular gallery hours Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 5–8 pm and Saturday & Sunday from 1–4 pm (note that parking is free on Sundays). Per our conversation, we will be open to the public on Saturdays for this exhibition - the fee reflects that change.

  • Provide personnel to open and close ECOCA, interact with the public, handle questions, and refer all sales questions to a NHPCC representative contact (please supply an email and phone number for this person).

  • ECOCA will not take a percentage of artwork sales or pay sales tax on artwork sales.

  • Post media to Facebook and Instagram regularly for the exhibition duration to promote the show and programming. ECOCA reserves the right to use information and images provided to ECOCA or taken by or for ECOCA for various promotional venues. This included all text, images, and logos, social media sharing, and images taken during the exhibition and programming that pertains to your exhibition.

  • Provide light refreshments for the public reception which includes 4 bottles of wine and 6 bottles of seltzer.

Please note the following:

  • Funds collected in the ECOCA donation box and submitted during the exhibition through www.elycenter.org belongs to ECOCA unless listed as an addendum item.

  • Please be aware that ECOCA hosts meetings, exhibition-related programming, and outside programming throughout the year. Any special space requirements, dates, times, and restrictions must be approved by ECOCA in advance of the installation.


  • NHPCC may request access by key to install and de-install on days and during hours when the gallery is closed with the agreement of ECOCA. NHPCC will inform ECOCA with any specific needs outside of the staffed gallery hours and dates. NHPCC will place remaining artwork in the B&P studio after September 30, 2019 for pick-up.

If you have any questions, please call me at 203-804-9561.

Best Regards, 

Debbie Hesse, Ely Center of Contemporary Art. Gallery Director
Vice-Chair and Board Member, duly-authorized


Your Contribution can be submitted with this secure link (Contribution is $3,150)

Your generous participation donation supports ECOCA exhibition and community programs so thank you in advance!

We look forward to working together. 


The Ely Center of Contemporary Art
Curatorial Team