Lili Chin

Transfigured Elements

Material elements shift, repeat and transform in this exhibition by New York-based artist Lili Chin. The works in the exhibit venture into transitional states to reveal layered and textured surfaces through drawing, video and abstraction. Glacial erratics and the ocean allude to time and metamorphosis, blending permanence with temporality to express nature in a constant flux of stasis and change. 

In addition, Chin will project a night time 2-channel video work titled Laelaps, inspired by the Greek mythological dog that was placed amongst the stars as the constellation Canis Major. The video diptych will be most luminous once night falls and will continue until daybreak. Her commissioned video project is a partnership between Ely Center and Yale-China Association in celebration of Lunarfest18 on February 17Join the artist for hot tea and rice wine February 17, 4:30 – 5:30 pm for its premiere.

My art practice originates with collections of fragile and historic objects shaped by a desire to salvage and reconstruct significance from vanishing sites and systems. I distill meaning from ancient rituals, nomadism and personal memory, gleaning objects and media to carve out fresh relationships with disappearing traditions. My process is conceptual and intuitive, diversely incorporating film, drawing, sculpture and installation. My objects and films become activated in an intuitive arrangement of chance situations as I experiment with invented artifacts and organic matter to yield unpredictable encounters. My work initiates a fluid dialogue with unseen energies to evoke psychological, sensual and social perceptions inspired by nature. -Chin

January 18 – February 22, 2018