SCOTT, JEAN Video Still from Extremities.png

Jean Scott

“While I occupy the space, I will create portrait drawings using a method I call “blindcasting;” simply put, this involves making a rubbing of one's own face, preferably while it is contorted with emotion. The mask-like/shroud-like results never come out the same way twice and are quite specific—yet, all the drawings I've made this way, with myself and others, are eerily similar. Sewn together, they constitute CounterPain, which resembles the patterned or quilted fabric of an actual counterpane or bedcovering. The grief and anger recorded in each portrait are sublimated but everpresent—they are literally part of the "fabric" of life represented in the chamber. I will invite visitors to create blindcasts of their own faces, which I will sew onto CounterPain if they wish to contribute them (or they may keep their own drawings).”