The Human Story

An online exhibition of works

by Jeanne Ciravolo

Curated by Nicole Hooks


The Human Story is an online exhibition showcasing the works of Jeanne Ciravolo. Ciravolo’s work focuses on the human experience through various lenses, from abuse to hope. The works shown in this exhibition create stories of movement and emotion related to human life. The bodies painted move and twist, connecting and disconnecting each piece to one another.


“All description is a matter of mapping the unknown onto the known.”

Susan Stewart, On Longing

The themes of sexuality, abuse, shame and hope become manifested in my current paintings and textiles, as I consider the histories of women in my family. Women crowd into my work as actor, witness and vision. Each piece begins with a detail of character or story. Content emerges through experimentation and wrestling with the slipperiness and intractability of material. In ways that are surprising, I become the characters I've created or the story creates its own momentum and an alternate image is revealed. It is through being open to serendipity and a dedication to process that surprising images are revealed that surpass my knowledge and experience. It is this mapping of the unknown and unexpected that is generative and rewarding.