Loren Frank

May 2018

About the artist

Loren Frank is an artist exploring nature, the landscape and connection to environment.       Her paintings represent the physical world in its ephemeral, messy and magical existence. She works in mixed media with organic materials such as sand, leaves and flower pigments, these collections of organic sediment and material become meditations for connecting to the mysteries and mutability of nature. By working through layers and in cycles they become ritual. She is inspired by ancient myths, natural systems, land art and the essential connection of all living things. She is connected and inspired by the flow of time, ancient memories, natural elements and humans connection to all living beings. 

Everything comes from Earth, from birth unto death..

From death and decay grows new life, and on and on,

Sacred Circles have no end and no beginning

Existing always.

Loren Frank received her Post- Baccalaureate Certificate at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago for Painting and Drawing in 2015 and her BFA from Southern Connecticut State University in 2013. Loren volunteered for ECOCA from March - April 2018. She is now interning at a spiritual farm in Vermont.