Monster Drawing Rally | June 23, 7-9:30 pm

Ely Center of Contemporary Art and Artspace present
A Live Drawing Event & Fundraiser

Artspace will kickoff their 30th Anniversary Alumni Reunion weekend and celebration with a Monster Drawing Rally at the Ely Center of Contemporary Art

Join us and see artwork being created by over 40 artists in front of an enthusiastic crowd, then purchase drawings on site for $50 each.

This will be the first event hosted by Artspace where artists in the Greater New Haven community will be invited to participate to share and showcase their artistic talents. Over the course of the night, artists at all stages of their careers take shifts to draw for an hour in front a live audience, bringing their private studio practices to the public. As spectators spy on the creative process, sketches morph into full-fledged artworks. Artists will then donate works to be bought the night of the event for one flat price. There will be ticketed bourbon tasting food available for purchase at Farm Belly’s Food Truck. Throughout the night Dave Coons will DJ tunes to set the mood. All art lovers, supporters, and enthusiast are welcomed to this free event. All proceeds will go to support programming at the Ely Center of Contemporary Art and Artspace New Haven.

This is a a high energy event taking place around the country and we are excited to bring it to New Haven and to host it at The Ely Center of Contemporary Art.

Great food, craft beer and music!!  All proceeds go to support programming at Ely Center and Artspace. Help support two great art venues in New Haven!!

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We would like to invite volunteers excited to help with this event to contact Rachael McNerney at


 Broad Stripes and Bright Stars | June 29 – August 13, 2017

Alteronce Gumby, Annie C. Thornton, Artcodex, Aude Jomini, Azzah Sultan, Bean Gilsdorf, Brian Edlefson, Buildface, Carol Diehl, Caitlin Cherry, Chico Aragao, Cey Adams, Chen Reichert, Chris Crawford, Christine Tinsley, Consuelo J. Underwood, Sr. Corita Kent, Daniel Eugene, Danna Singer, Daze, Destiny Palmer, Dooley-o, Eli Wright, Erika Ranee, Esperanza Mayobre, Gabriella Svenningsen, Helen Zughaib, Icebucket, Insook Hwang, James Esber, Jane Fine, Jay Critchley, Jeff Mueller/Dexterity Press, Jesse Albrecht, Jim Martin, John T Hill, Jody Williams, Karin Schaefer, Laura Genes, Laura Marsh, Laurel Porcari, Leslie Carmin, Lex Brown, Lisa Kereszi, Marion Belanger, Marc Morrel, Mark Olshansky, Mark Williams, Martha Lewis, Mauricio Cortes Ortega, Merritt Johnson, Michael Nÿkamp, Michael St John, Moussa Gueye, Natalie Ball, Natalie Baxter, New Haven Museum, Noe Jimenez, Paolo Arao, Phil Lique, Philip Knoll, Price Harrison, Rashmi, Robert D’alessandro, Robert Longo, Ruben Marroquin, Sket One, Stanley Forman, Stanwyck Cromwell, Sue Muskat, Susan Clinard, Stephen Shore, Sven Martson, Terrance Weinzierl, Tizzie Mills, Tom Strong, Vic De La Rosa, Walker Evans, Wayne Koestenbaum, Zeph Farmby and Zim-one.


Onnie Chan

A funeral.
A funeral.
A funeral.
A funeral.
A funeral.
A funeral.
A funeral.


The Ely Center of Contemporary Art presents a special performance by Onnie Chan.

Chan is an International Fellow at Yale -China in New Haven and HKETO Arts Fellow in New York. There will be a performance on Friday, April 21 and Saturday, April 22 at 7:00 PM.  A post-performance conversation with the artist will take place on Friday night.  The public is invited to attend.  

The show will involve puppetry and activate the entire gallery; the audience will move around the space with the performers for this immersive theatre experience.

ONNIE Chan will present her Immersive Game Theatre Show that she has created in collaboration with Muxi Gao and Roxy Jia with Yale Professor Sheila De Bretteville as consultant.

The artist describes her work as a new form of theatre called Immersive Game Theatre, something she has been developing in Hong Kong.  “I consider the projects that I make as a challenge to the audience. My hope is to change the spectator's point of view by bringing her out of her comfort zone. I used a lot of game elements in my creation because gaming provides competition which provoke audience’s excitement, and also trigger their fear of losing. 

When I was ten, my father died in an accident. It had a big impact in my life. My personality changed rapidly to try to become a stronger person. But the fear of losing someone has never leave me. This show is about the vulnerable moment that has changed my life, funeral.

 A word that no one likes to talk about...

A place that nobody likes to go