About the Artist

Ellen Hackl Fagan is on a quest to hear the sound of cobalt blue. Working with saturated colors when painting sensitized her to color’s communicative nature. Building connections between color and sound through abstract paintings, photography and interactive digital technologies, she seeks to create a synaesthetic language that pairs color to sound. She is developing The Reverse Color Organ and the ColorSoundGrammar Game, two interactive projects that enable viewers to explore the aural potential of color.

Her process walks the balance between randomness and intention, like jazz music, revealing limitless possibilities for improvisation. Fagan exhibits her artwork throughout the greater New York metropolitan area and maintains her studio and curatorial practice in Bushwick.

Ellen Hackl Fagan is the owner of ODETTA, an artist run gallery in Chelsea at Hudson Yards, NYC.

Ellen Hackl Fagan

“In 2014 I became focused on the core of my creative search and began by painting a small series of works on paper titled “Seeking the Sound of Cobalt Blue.” This series has evolved into floor to wall installations of large scale watercolor/pigments on rag paper, as well as on the floor, that explore the nature of printmaking processes, texture and surface.”

‘Brane (Small/Red/Yellow/Blue)

‘Brane (Small/Red/Yellow/Blue)