New Haven, CT — June 1, 2017

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“Broad Stripes and Bright Stars” Exhibition
at the Ely Center of Contemporary Art

Curated by Aicha Woods and Dave Coon, “Broad Stripes and Bright Stars” is a new exhibition coming to
The Ely Center of Contemporary Art, 51 Trumbull Street, New Haven, CT. It presents 60+ years of
artists who have creatively responded to the American Flag. The exhibition highlights both the indelible
graphic power of the American Flag and its symbolic use in engagement, resistance and resilience.
Artwork will be on view from Thursday, June 29, 2017, to Sunday, August 13, 2017. Gallery visiting
hours are Wednesday and Thursday from 5-8 pm, and Sunday 1-4 pm. A free opening reception will take
place on hursday, June 29, from 6-8 pm featuring DJs, live performances and the “Flag Swag” pop-up
Local, acclaimed national and international artists, such as Cey Adams and Helen Zughaib will present
artwork. Community engagement events throughout the exhibition will include a short podcast series,
performances, youth and veteran engagement and the “Flag Swag” pop-up shop featuring an array of
limited edition flag themed multiples by artists.
The show charts the waves of American Flags in protest and in celebration, as well as the pendulum of
First Amendment rulings. A quote from the 1974 U.S. Supreme Court case Spencer vs Washington, is the
essence of the exhibition; “It might be said that we all draw something from our national symbol, for it
is capable of conveying simultaneously a spectrum of meanings”.
A list of participating artists include; Francisco ‘Chico’ Aragao, Tom Strong, Christine Tinsley, Cey
Adams, Merritt Johnson, Alteronce Gumby, Lisa Kereszi, Marion Belanger, Annie Thornton, Stephen
Shore, John T. Hill, Natalie Baxter, DAZE, Jane Fine, Lex Brown, Michael St. John, Destiny Palmer,
Sister Corita Kent, Jay Critchley, Marc Morrell, Sket One, Mauricio Cortes Ortega, Laura Genes,
Esperanza Mayobre, Moussa Gueye, Susan Clinard, Azzah Sultan, Ruben Marroquin, Conseulo Jimenez
Underwood, The Citizen Project, James Esber, Caitlin Cherry, Erika Ranee, Natalie Ball, Helen
Zughaib, Stanwyck Cromwell, Dooley-O, Josh Griffin, Wayne Koestenbaum, Bean Gilsdorf, Zeph Farnby,
Insook Hwang, Noe Jimenez, Phil Knoll, Sue Muskat, Tizzy Mills, Chen Reichert, Phil Lique, Laura Marsh,
Aude Jomini, Gabriella Svenningsen, Karin Schaefer, Jim Martin, Walker Evans, Robert D'Alessandro,
Jeff Mueller, Norman Ives, Just Seeds Collective, Jesse Albrecht, Eli Wright, John O’Donnell, Bill
Becket, Sven Martson, Carol Diehl, Mark Olshanski, Geoffrey Young, Vandana Jain, Laurel Porcari,
Leslie Carmin, The New Haven Museum, Chris Crawford, Price Harrison, Martha Lewis, and Mark
For more information about “Broad Stripes and Bright Stars” and the Ely Center of Contemporary
Arts, contact the center at nfo@elycenter.or or visit online at ttp://elycenter.or.

Attached Image: Artwork by Price Harrison