Indie Dreamboat: Recent Works by Beatrice Sears

May 7th - June 7th

After moving from Naugatuck, CT on to Chicago, IL, Beatrice Sears has flourished into a “neo-fauvist” of sorts, playfully exploring daily objects through abstraction; gas stations and tufts of cotton candy are transformed into landscapes of magic and fantasy. Her work in oil and acrylic highlights her careful yet candid creation of explosive color palettes and dazzling arrays of shape and line.


Cap’n Crunch Void 1, 2019, acrylic, 10” x 20”

Cap’n Crunch Void 2, 2019, acrylic, 10” x 20”

The Loop, 2019, oil, 16” x 12”

Irrigation, 2019, oil, 10” x 10 “

Cotton Candy Infiltration System, 2019, oil, 12”x 12”

Fruity Pebble Desert, 2019, oil 12” x 12”

Free Slurpee Day, 2019, acrylic, 10” x 14”

Artist’s Statement:

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Instagram: @indiedreamboat