ECOCA Multiples


Ely Center of Contemporary Art is launching a new endeavor as a publisher/imprint for artist multiples and limited editions that utilize emerging digital technologies and promote a rich exchange of ideas between artists, audiences, and collectors.

Through the artist multiple initiative, ECoCA will engage new audiences. The initiative will comprise monographs, artists’ books, exhibition catalogues, catalogue raisonnés, collections of artists’ writings, and other types of contemporary multiples. ECoCA's mission is to promote discourse, appreciation, and understanding of contemporary art by bringing new, sometimes overlooked, aspects of an artist’s creative practice into focus.

ECoCA will collaborate with established and emerging culture-makers, arts organizations, and institutions to produce unique multiples. Acting as advisors consultants, and/or producers, ECoCA will provide artists with production avenues and methods as well as source options to realize each multiple project with craftsmanship that emphasizes the essence of an object. Multiples will include a wide variety of media, including boxed works, buttons, stickers, postcards, sculpture, artists’ books and magazines, clothing, housewares, trinkets, toys, furniture, zines, mobiles, banners, castings, posters and more.

While the artist edition originates in the world of books and printmaking, today's modern technology and newer methods of production can be used to produce two-and three-dimensional works, as well a moving or time-based works.

The development of the works is driven primarily by the artist. Through conversations with the artist and testing of materials and processes, we focus in on the possibilities of the idea and how it can be best conveyed given the array of technology available.

Contact with questions. More to come!