Anna Robinson-Sweet

“I am a painter, printmaker and installation artist based in New Haven, originally from Brooklyn. My work has been shown mainly in New York, including at the Clemente Soto Velez Cultural Center, Recession Art and Gowanus Loft. My guerilla public art project, 'National Register of Historic Places' was covered by Hyperallergic, TimeOut New York, Brownstoner and Urban Omnibus. I graduated from Yale in 2011 and am currently pursuing a masters in archives management at Simmons College.”

“My prints, paintings and installations examine how collective memory is shaped and embodied (in architecture, monuments, archives, etc.) My practice is project based; each project begins with research into a temporal or physical site. The medium and physical manifestation of the project is guided by this research. Paintings such as the series The Ultimate Aesthetic Act use abstraction to obfuscate the specificity of site, in this case two memorials, and the intended directness of their meaning. In projects such as Hospital de los Sensitivos, silkscreen printing is used to convey overlapping histories through text and graphics. And the installation project National Register of Historic Places injects itself into the landscape, imitating the very official place and history-making it interrogates.”